Buying Vs Renting

Posted by Victor Alves // January 8, 2016

It’s the American dream to own property in the United States, but there are some important things to consider before making the transition from a renter to a homebuyer. If it’s almost time for you to move to a new home, make sure that you determine if you should rent or buy. It’s not just […]

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7 Numbers You Need To Know When Applying For A Mortgage Loan

Posted by Victor Alves // January 7, 2016

Analysts are still split on whether getting a mortgage loan is becoming easier or more difficult. With that in mind, what numbers do borrowers need to know in order to more effortlessly sail through the process of buying a home? If you don’t know your numbers prior to buying a property, navigating the mortgage maze […]

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How To Sell Inherited House San Antonio

Posted by Victor Alves // January 6, 2016

It can extremely stressful and emotional to sell an inherited house, mostly it happens when clearing out your family belongings and getting it ready for sale. If you need to sell inherited house San Antonio it is not as easy as you may imagine. Below are steps you should follow after making the decision to […]

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What Are Younger Homebuyers Looking For?

Posted by Victor Alves // January 5, 2016

Whether you’re a seller, investor, agent or lender, you need to know what the newest wave of young homebuyers is looking for. The better you understand young homebuyers the better you’ll be able to understand and navigate the changes in the real estate market, including your local market. Affordable Living Costs Everyone is looking for […]

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The Importance of Timing When Selling A House

Posted by Victor Alves // January 4, 2016

Sell Home Fast San Antonio

If you have the option of asking whether or not you are ready to sell your house then you are luckier than most homeowners. The reason being is that you have the choice to decide to forgo selling your house when you are ready and the time is right but not everyone has that option. […]

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The Top Reasons Homebuyers Aren’t Buying

Posted by Victor Alves // December 30, 2015

Why aren’t more homebuyers buying houses this year? Sales records are being broken in popular real estate markets from coast to coast. Yet, far more could be buying homes. For real estate investors, this is an amazing time to buy more inventory. So what’s really holding other retail side buyers back from purchasing? What are […]

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How To Sell a San Antonio House With Title Issues

Posted by Victor Alves // December 29, 2015

Many homeonwers has asked us this question, how can you sell a San Antonio house with title issues? Here is how to tell a San Antonio house with Title Issues in a relatively short period of time: Even though the San Antonio real estate market has improved dramatically, not everyone is finding it easy to […]

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Impending Interest Rate Hikes: Is It Time To Sell?

Posted by Victor Alves // December 16, 2015

Impending Interest Rate Hikes: Is It Time To Sell? The general consensus is that once the feds start raising interest rates they will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. While some proclaim that the feds could actually reduce rates, more are of the belief that low interest rates, or at least what we have […]

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Tips To Find Renters And Maximize Your Rental Income

Posted by Victor Alves // December 9, 2015

The idea behind making money with rental properties is a simple one: find good tenants that pay every month. As straightforward as this may be, it is not as easy as it sounds. The demand for rental properties has never been higher. Because of the increase in competition, landlords need to think of alternative ways […]

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The Bottom Line Supersedes Bad Tenants

Posted by Victor Alves // December 4, 2015

There are endless stories of bad tenants circulating on the Internet, but a recent plea has to make real estate investors think twice about  what they are doing. Does The Bottom Line Supersedes Bad Tenants? Accordingly, a real estate investor recently sought the assistance of an attorney to sue a “bad” tenant because they wanted to […]

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